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Workplace Wellbeing Refresh

Your wellbeing solution for your workplace - optimising wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Stress and burnout are more common than ever in the workplace. As someone who works in corporate, I know how important it is for staff to be given a space to pause and reset. That is where the 'Workplace Wellbeing Refresh' sessions come in.

Your 'Workplace Wellbeing Refresh' are live weekly online 15-minute sessions supporting staff to drop out of the thinking mind, release tension, nourish the nervous system and reduce stress. These sessions include a mix of meditation, gentle chair yoga stretches and simple evidence-based Mindbody practices.

Your organisation can start with the foundational 4 or 6-week programme, with the option to continue sessions.

No experience is required. Attendees will just need to follow the link to join, and follow my guidance whilst remaining seated at their desks or in a chair. Easy as that!

Workplace Wellbeing: Welcome
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What are the benefits?

Working at a computer can often create strain in the body and mind. These live online sessions will support both an emotional and physical release of tension. Each session exploring a new theme, allowing attendees to experience various evidence-based tools for finding more ease. Attendees will come away with a tool box of simple yet effective practices that they can weave into their day-to-day lives.

There is no limit to the number of attendees to these online sessions.

Benefits can include:

  • Reduced stress

  • Resilient nervous system

  • Reduced pain and tension

  • Increased productivity

Workplace Wellbeing: About

Emma has provided much needed physical and mental relief during my work week. These sessions have left me feeling more calm, focused and motivated to take on the rest of my day. A true lifesaver!

Claudia - Client Engagement Executive

Emma is great at helping me listen to my body. Every stretch is intentional and has so much grounding energy. Each session takes me back to myself and helps me gain perspective on my work and any un-needed stress

Elizabeth - Commercial Manager

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