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Stress Resilience


Historically health professionals have focused on treating illness by reducing distressing symptoms or fixing underlying causes of health concerns. More recently health professionals have realized that focusing on illness isn’t enough to foster healthy, thriving individuals. Researchers have realized that building positive and meaningful lives, not only builds resilience in the face of health concerns but also actually prevents illness. Sorting through the wellness literature results in four factors that have been consistently supported in fostering wellness of the mind and body. These factors are:


1. A sense of hope

2. Feeling like we have impact on our lives, sometimes

 called an internal locus of control

3. A sense of connectedness to others

4. A sense of meaning and purpose


We offer experiential classes taught in an informal lecture format with a focus on guided experiences of new skills focused on these wellness principles.  It is less interactive and involves less disclosure than a psychotherapy group.  Experiential classes focus on instruction, education and "hands-on" learning. Classes are announce periodically. If you would like a class for a private group, please email us and request one: