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Rosen Method Movement



Rosen Method Movement is what MindBody Wisdom considers a mindfulness based movement therapy.


What is Rosen Method Movement?


Set to music, these easy, unhurried movements are designed to improve alignment and flexibility. They also increase range of motion, ease of breathing, and deepen awareness of the body.


Marion Rosen, a physical therapist, developed this form of exercise to prevent physical difficulties before they arise and to help her clients feel better and age gracefully. These movements may be adapted to those who experience pain or have physical limitations. Rosen Method Movement (RMM) creates the experience of relaxation and well-being in action. Participants find new vitality, joy, and ease in their bodies


Rosen Movement:


• Relaxes muscle tension and chronic muscular holding

• Increases flexibility and vitality

• Deepens physical and emotional awareness

• Invites personal growth


And is useful for:


•  Prevention of injury, stiffness, and pain

•  Full rotation and lubrication of the joints

•  Expansion of chest/ rib cage to free diaphragm and enhance


•  Reshaping the body without straining it

•  Increased awareness of emotionally related tension


Classes are taught by Jacqueline Fogel