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Meditation is a MindBody practice that was traditionally derived from eastern thinking. Meditation comes in various forms and include mantra techniques such as Transcendental Meditation (TM) derived from Hindu cultures, mindfulness meditation derived from Buddhist cultures and others. Typically meditation includes certain techniques such as a specific posture,  focused attention, awareness of body and breath, and an openness to thoughts and emotions.


Meditation  is used for a number of different purposes today. These purposes include  relaxation and facilitating calmness, bring greater balance to psychological processes, heal from illness and develop a general sense of wellness.


MINDBODY WISDOM offers several different meditation techniques:


Stuart Drescher is a certified instructor of TM and offers individual and group instruction on a periodic basis.


John Kessler teaches a meditation technique derived from Zen practices and adapted for a specific purpose. It is called Integral Polarity Practice. John offers classes weekly.


In addition, many of our programs and groups include mindfulness meditation as a main component of training.


Please contact us if you are interested in learning more and look at our calender for upcoming scheduled events.