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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and the Mind Body Connection



Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) combines awareness exercises, classical yoga postures and breathing techniques with elements of

contemporary psychology. A hands-on healing modality, PRYT focuses on the body as the gateway to physical, mental and spiritual transformation.


In this experiential workshop, Rachel will introduce you to the PRYT approach. You will explore body-centered awareness practices, breathwork, imagery and restorative asanas. Then, with awareness focused on your thoughts, feelings, images and sensations, Rachel will guide you into an internal dialogue about what’s happening in your body and what this information holds for you.(no prior yoga experience is necessary)


This process creates the opportunity to:


• Release fears, anxieties and stress.


• Enhance body awareness, strength and flexibility.


• Alleviate pain caused by tensions, stiffness of joints, loss of mobility, etc.


• Facilitate problem-solving and decision-making.


• Gain clarity around life issues.


• Promote personal growth and an on-going transformation in body, mind

and spirit.


• Bring about deep relaxation


Rachel Posner M.A., is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner,

certified yoga instructor, and counselor. She has a Masters Degree in

Counseling/Psychology with an emphasis in body-centered modalities.

Her intention is to assist others in developing a mind/body practice

that supports and guides the cultivation of a rich inner and outer



You can learn more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy by visiting

www.pryt.com or www.prty.com/rachel



Rachel Posner: 801-680-8072 www.pryt.com/rachel