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John T. Kesler | Integral Polarity Practice


John T. Kesler is a practicing attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as facilitator, writer, consultant and lecturer in the areas of societal and personal flourishing, transformation, and their intimate interconnections.


Community Flourishing


Mr. Kesler served as Communities Editor of National Civic Review, the oldest and most respected journal in the United States addressing local civic and democratic practices.  He led several studies relating to communities and community movements, and is credited with identifying, writing about and improving on many cutting edge aspects of community flourishing.  Mr. Kesler founded and chairs the Salt Lake Center for Engaging Communities, a non-profit corporation which models and mentors best practices of community flourishing in a sustainable global environment.  He was a co-founder of GAN-Net, a network of global action networks and he served as chair of the board of trustees of the Berkana Institute, which trains and has created a network of young leaders in third world settings.


Healthy Communities


Mr. Kesler founded and chaired the first state level healthy communities coalition in Utah. He was a co-founder and first co-chair of the US Healthy Communities States Network. He was on the governance board of Coalition of Healthier Cities and Communities (CHCC), the US healthy communities coalition, and served part time as CHCC’s second executive director for three years.  While he was executive director of CHCC, CHCC produced the globally influential study and report on “Seven Patterns of a Healthy Community.”  Mr. Kesler co-chaired the initiative to create a global action network of several hundred healthy community initiatives around the world.


Health and Wellness


Mr. Kesler served for 15 years on the board of the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, including over 10 years as board chair. He also served as board chair for over a decade for the University of Utah Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, which has pioneered an integral model of treatment. Mr. Kesler served on the board of the Utah Hospital Association for over a decade, and founded and was the first chair of the Utah Trustees Council, a state network of hospital trustees.  For over five years Mr. Kesler chaired the Utah Health Care Vision 2010 Coalition comprised of all major health care stakeholders, Utah legislators, and major business and consumer groups in Utah.  He co-chaired the Wellness and Healthy Communities working group of the Coalition. Mr. Kesler was the primary organizer of a Utah wellness policy summit in 2012, which received national recognition for a model for a wellness policy which might reorient health care and health care reform.

Mr. Kesler co-founded and was first chair of the Integrative Health Network, founded to better establish evidence based integrative health in Utah health care.   He currently serves on the advisory board of the Center for Integrative Health Education, Research and Technology at the University of Utah.


Awareness and Meditation Practice


Mr. Kesler has developed an awareness and meditation practice he has developed called integral polarity practice (IPP), an integral approach which emphasizes a deep connection between personal awareness, integration and growth on the one hand, and social engagement on the other.  IPP provides a complement to any spiritual or life practice.  IPP is significantly influenced by the “Big Mind Process” of Zen Master Genpo Roshi. his own Mormon tradition, and by other Eastern and Western Influences. IPP has been endorsed by many authorities on awareness and human development including the leading integral philosopher, Ken Wilber, and one of the world’s leading developmental psychologists, Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter.  Mr. Kesler was a founding teacher of the Integral Spiritual Center and is on the faculty for Pacific Integral in Seattle.



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Email:  j_kesler@woodburycorp.com