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MindBody Wisdom

programs in integrative health




The Goals of MindBody Wisdom are to:


● identify a broad range of MindBody health care practices with scientific support

● create a curriculum of classes and group interventions resulting in a systematically integrated program  capable of enhancing well being and benefiting those with illness

● educate providers in a range of MindBody concepts and skills

● conduct research and collaborate with like minded institutions.

● advance the field of health care, through the development of a general model that is empirically supported

● be a catalyst to introduce these methods into existing medical practices


To accomplish these goals MindBody Wisdom will provide for people with illness as well as those seeking enhanced health:


● classes in meditation, yoga, tai chi and qi gong,

● training in resilience, relaxation, stress management, emotional intelligence, and maintaining healthy relationships

● group therapy for individuals with a range of concerns

● massage therapy

● a series of public talks and media events by national experts to raise public awareness of wise and healthy behavior


MindBody Wisdom is sponsored by the private practices at The Center for MindBody Health.  The integration of a for-profit professional group with a non-profit organization providing complementary treatments will, in effect, parallel integrative centers at Harvard Medical School and other Universities where patients are billed for reimbursable services, and pay a small fee for other services.